Wedding Photographer Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Two photographers?
Our goal is to capture the day’s events naturally as they unfold. We try our best to blend in, Two photographers allows us to do that. It allows us the freedom to be creative and capture those moments that can be so easily missed. The day can be very spontaneous and we often shoot different aspects of the wedding. Over the years we have established a great understanding of our roles during the wedding day.
How do we book you for our wedding?
You can send us an email at or fill in our contact form. If possible, please include your wedding date and location. We can then meet in person and have a drink to discuss your day. If distance is an issue or if you live abroad we can have a chat via Skype.
How many photographs do we receive and how long until they’re ready to view?
We typically deliver between 450-550 images for a full wedding. In the off-peak season, we turnaround images in roughly 4 weeks. In peak-season it’s nearer 6-8 weeks.
How long do you stay at a wedding for?
We’re not particularly strict about time but we usually arrive two hours before the ceremony and leave after we have captured some interesting shapes on the dance floor.
Are you willing to travel abroad for our wedding?
Certainly, we love to travel. We offer custom pricing for international weddings and elopements.
Do you offer albums?
Yes, we work with Folio who create beautiful fine art albums that are hand bound and based in the UK. They offer albums in leather and many fabrics. We chose them as they perfectly complement our style and are a pleasure to work with.
Can we order prints with you?
There is an option for you to purchase professional prints through our online gallery. This means your friends and family can order prints if they wish. You do also receive a personal use license to allow you to create prints yourself from the files you receive from us.
Do you photograph family formals?
Yes we do, we would recommend no more than 8-12 setups as these can take up a lot of time. Before the wedding we can discuss this and create a shot list together.


If you are getting married and are looking for your wedding to be captured in a creative relaxed fashion, we would love to hear from you.

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